Nubaris project

The bilingual nature of Boiseko Ikastola and its solid roots in the Basque culture and language are at the core of the curriculum that we offer. After extensive research, it was decided that the preschool guidelines established by the Basque Government and the Nubaris project by Ibaizabal Publishing House are the most appropriate to serve as our compass. This, combined with many creative supplements available including Zoo Phonics, will provide our students with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure their readiness for Kindergarten.

Our curriculum helps implement the following objectives for the pre-kindergarten learner:

  • To develop communication skills, both in English and in Basque and be able to express themselves in many different forms.

  • To be self-confident in social interactions with peers and teachers. To assimilate basic rules and give peaceful solutions to conflicts. Respect for oneself and those around us is an everyday lesson.

  • To develop self-autonomy in everyday life activities for greater self-esteem and confidence in their abilities. To develop emotional and sensitivity abilities, in order to generate a true and positive image of themselves.

  • To observe and examine nature, social environments and culture so that there is active participation in social and cultural activities.

  • To observe mathematical skills, literacy and writing skills, science and how things work, grow and develop.

  • To develop fine and gross motor skills with the awareness of specific growth and development in children.