Sarah Artis director

Born and raised in the Boise Basque Community, Sarah is continuing her family's legacy of perpetuating Basque culture. As the granddaughter of long-time Basque radio host, Espe Alegria, Sarah is thoroughly ecstatic to be at Boiseko Ikastola, sharing the culture she is so passionate about to so many.

Sarah began at Boiseko Ikastola in the Fall of 2018, and immediately made the place reflect her loving, nurturing personality. She implemented great programs like Zoo Phonics, and The Magic Tree House book series to assist the children in preparation for Kindergarten.

Sarah's background varies which speaks to her ability to change and adapt to the daily changes in personality of the Ikastola students.

With more than 7 years of preschool experience, Sarah also has experience in marketing, training & workshops, communications, management, and networking that have proven incredibly helpful in her role as director at Boiseko Ikastola.

Irati maritxalar instructor

Irati arrived to Boise from Donosti-San Sebastian in July 2018. A standout applicant, she has proven to be a wonderful instructor and loved by each and every child at Boiseko Ikastola.

With more than 8 years of experience in the Basque Country, Irati has shared her skills and implemented great supplemental activities for the children to better understand Basque as well as topics and themes they will take with them in Kindergarten and beyond.

Irati is a graduate of Mondragon University and has acquired her Master's degree in Psychological Intervention and Prevention in School Behavior Issues.

When not at Boiseko Ikastola, Irati enjoys visiting other parts of the United States, supporting Boise State Women's Basketball (for whom her friends play), and all outdoor activities.

Irati is enjoying her time at Boiseko Ikastola and her "once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the United States, making friends and memories to last a lifetime."

ander alustiza instructor

Ander joined us at Boiseko Ikastola in August 2018. From Beasain (Gipuzkoa), he attended University at University of the Basque Country in Donosti-San Sebastian receiving his degree in 2014.

Ander also has more than 8 years of experience in various areas of education including English, Math, Spanish, Science, and tutoring. He enjoys working with the children at ikastola helping them to continually learn and improve day by day.

Ander's passion for art and climbing have lead to some great activities and adventure for the Ikastola students, and continue to add to their education on a daily basis.

When Ander isn't at Boiseko Ikastola, he is also traveling the United States finding all the best rocks to climb. As an avid climber, he and fellow climbers have had some great experiences here.